CPC Traffic

All of our CPC traffic is keyword based. We have many different types of CPC traffic (type-in search, domain traffic, contextual, push and zero-click) and we have the ability to target by traffic type.

CPC- All of our search traffic is sold on a CPC.

We offer the ability to target desktop, tablet and mobile.

At the end of the day, all of our advertisers require different metrics. We segment all of our traffic based on the most common traffic requests.

*RON- Run of Network– This type of traffic is also known as “Branding Traffic”. The cost is very low and you can get a lot of page views for an extremely low price. Pricing typically starts at ($0.001+/ click).

*PVTOS– Page View/ Time on Site traffic is typically used for video and display arbitrage. We run this traffic through Google Analytics so we can optimize based upon the advertisers requirements (typically 3+ page views and a time on site of 120-seconds+). Rates start around $0.0025+.

*Mid-tier Traffic– This is a mix between RON (page views) and premium (focuses more on conversion). Rates start around $0.005+.

*Premium Traffic– This type of traffic typically costs $0.01+ and is run through IAS/ Forensiq’s, etc. as an added layer of protection.

*Conversion Traffic– This traffic is typically saved for our advertisers who are looking for sales, sign-ups, leads, etc. The starting price for this type of traffic is $0.10+.

We have click filters that screen out fraudulent clicks. We screen all of our traffic for automated clicks, bots, offscreen clicks, mismatched IP’s, useragents and referrers as well as iframes and other manipulative tactics. We pride ourselves for having the highest technologies in the industry and can even enable Captcha testing as well as 3rd party IVT detection software for an extra layer of security.

Our network consists of our own owned and operated sites, as well as our publisher network. We are currently generating close to 1-billion searches per/day over our entire network.


CPC Traffic