About Us

Who Are We?
TheTrafficBoss is based in Los Angeles, CA and generates over 1-billion search queries per day. We offer CPC search traffic, Native Ads and Pay Per Call advertising options. All of our traffic is generated off of our owned and operated properties as well as our content network of approved publisher websites.

Who Do We Work With?
TheTrafficBoss works with all types of companies, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. We have the latest fraud prevention technologies to prevent bot and fraudulent traffic, and also have state of the art geo-targeting which allows for both local as well global marketing opportunities.

Our Philosophy
TheTrafficBoss believes in forming partnerships with our clients. While we do provide a service, it’s our clients goals that we constantly strive to achieve. We have a “free-thinking” staff who consistently stays out-of-the-box. We are not a rigid company and change quickly to adapt to the latest marketplace trends.

Who is behind the “TheTrafficBoss”?
Tobin PociaskTobin Pociask has often been referred to as the ‘TrafficBoss’. He got his start in online marketing in 1999 where he had the opportunity to grow traffic and an ecommerce business for a popular television show. Through the years he has held prominent positions from being the Director of Online Marketing for Great Chefs Television to the VP of Marketing for 411web. He has managed, worked hands-on and created email companies, CPA affiliate networks, search networks, display networks, spearheaded SEO projects, lead generation companies as well as helped to create new technology to streamline processes and generate profits for businesses. ALL of these roles have been based around one theme- TRAFFIC. So let Tobin and his company help you with your traffic needs!   Connect on Linked-in