At TheTrafficBoss we specialize in CPC Traffic. Our search network consists of both owned and operated sites as well as our content network. We generate over 1-billion searches per day across our entire network. With CPC's much lower than our competitors we can easily meet your campaign objectives for a fraction of the price! Take control of your ad spend, and buy your traffic like a BOSS!

CPC Traffic

who we are Buy traffic like a boss through our CPC Network. We generate over 1-billion searches per day and can generate traffic to fit any budget or advertising goal.

Pay Per Call Traffic

Pay Per Call TrafficInstead of driving clicks to a website, we drive calls to your business! You can advertise even if you don't have a site, all you need is a phone number.

Native Ads

Native Ads Native Ads are an effective way to get around ad blocking software. Our ads blend in well to the webpage and have a high levels of engagement.


Testimonial "We advertise through TheTrafficBoss’ CPC network. The PPC is low and they work with our metrics to ensure profitability. Their service and results have helped to grow our business!" Chris, New York, NY

Testimonial "Our website was a bit outdated and instead of sending clicks to our site we decided to give TheTrafficBoss a try. I am glad that we did, we have definitely increased our inbound calls." Erik, New Orleans, LA

Testimonial "We have tried other content networks, but decided to give TheTrafficBoss' Native Ads a try. The user engagement is high and we have generated a lot of traffic for an affordable price!" Lee, Los Angeles, CA